Biotin PEG

Biochempeg offers Biotin PEG with high purity, a class of reagents used for biotinylation. It is used as an affinity label for avidin and streptavidin proteins. Biotin-attached PEG creates an extended spacer arm that allows biotin to enter the protein's binding pocket. The PEG moiety also greatly improves the solubility of the biotin-PEG conjugate.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
HE041009 Biotin-PEG-AC Biotin-PEG-AC ≥95%
HE041010 Biotin-PEG-ACA Biotin-PEG-ACA ≥95%
HE041017 Biotin-PEG-COOH Biotin-PEG-COOH ≥95%
HE041019 Biotin-PEG-HZ Biotin-PEG-HZ ≥95%
HE041022 Biotin-PEG-Mal Biotin-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE041023 Biotin-PEG-NHS Biotin-PEG-NHS ≥95%
HE041024 Biotin-PEG-SCM Biotin-PEG-SCM ≥95%
HE041027 Biotin-PEG-SG Biotin-PEG-SG ≥95%
HE041028 Biotin-PEG-SS Biotin-PEG-SS ≥95%
HE041030 Biotin-PEG-SAS Biotin-PEG-SAS ≥95%
HE041057 Biotin-PEG-FA Biotin-PEG-FA ≥95%
HE041058 Biotin-PEG-SVA Biotin-PEG-SVA ≥95%