Biotin PEG

Biochempeg offers Biotin PEG with high purity, a class of reagents used for biotinylation. It is used as an affinity label for avidin and streptavidin proteins. Biotin-attached PEG creates an extended spacer arm that allows biotin to enter the protein's binding pocket. The PEG moiety also greatly improves the solubility of the biotin-PEG conjugate.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
MD041025 Biotin-PEG3-SPA Biotin-PEG3-SPA 544.6 ≥95%
MD041025 Biotin-PEG4-SPA Biotin-PEG4-SPA 588.67 ≥95%
MD041025 Biotin-PEG6-SPA Biotin-PEG6-SPA 676 ≥95%
MD041025 Biotin-PEG8-SPA Biotin-PEG8-SPA 764.9 ≥95%
MD041025 Biotin-PEG24-SPA Biotin-PEG24-SPA 1469 ≥95%
MD041032 Biotin-PEG4-S-S-NHS Biotin-PEG4-S-S-NHS 751.935 ≥95%
MD041113 Biotin-PEG4-PFP Biotin-PEG4-PFP 657 ≥95%
MD041121 Biotin-PEG3-CH2COOH Biotin-PEG3-CH2COOH 433.523 ≥95%
MD041152 Biotin-PEG3-CH2CH2CH2NH2 Biotin-PEG3-CH2CH2CH2NH2 446.6 ≥95%
MD041229 Biotin-PEG4-Amide propargyl Biotin-PEG4-Amide propargyl 528.662 ≥95%
MD041025 Biotin-PEG12-SPA Biotin-PEG12-SPA 941.09 ≥95%
MD253041 BCN-endo-PEG3-Biotin BCN-endo-PEG3-Biotin 594.76 ≥95%