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PEG Media of ADC Drugs

Antibody-drug Conjugates or ADCs are highly targeted biopharmaceutical drugs that combine monoclonal antibodies specific to surface antigens present on particular tumor cells with highly potent anti-cancer agents linked via a chemical linker. The linker plays a key role in determining the pharmacokinetic properties, therapeutic index, selectivity and the overall success of the ADC.


PEG-linkers are particularly attractive as a linker for conjugation. Water solubility, lack of toxicity; low immunogenicity and well defined chain lengths and molecular weights are specific characteristics of PEG moieties relevant to pharmaceutical applications.


Biochempeg develops a broad range of PEG linkers and provides custom linker synthesis for clients worldwide.

Featured PEG Linkers

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CAS NO.: 2182602-17-9

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N-(Azido-PEG3)-N-Bis-(PEG3-t-butyl ester)

CAS NO.: 2055042-56-1

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Mal-PEG8-NHS ester

CAS NO.: 2055033-05-9

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Mal-PEG1-NHS ester

CAS NO.: 1807518-72-4


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