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"We are very happy with...amazing customer service..."

Our experiments are going alright. We are very happy with your products.  We find that they are very consistent, which is very good.  When we buy for example 2 or 3 grams of somthing, we find that all the bottles because pretty much the same, and there aren't large variations in behavior between the different vials.  This gives us peace of mind because it means that your manufacturing procedures are rather consistent, which we like.Your company also has amazing customer service.I have made some mistakes over the past (for example I left a bottle of PEG out of the freezer, or I was confused as to why a product we received was liquid instead of powder), and every time,I have been able to call your company and somebody is always available to answer my questions.We are very content with your company.

--- From Marcos B

"Worked fine...satisfactory..."


The material mPEG-SA worked fine in the synthesis of PGC, but we haven't had a chance to test the resultant PGC in vivo yet.  So far the product is satisfactory.

---From Megan B

"Shipped fast...reliable...high quality..."

Biochempeg products are always shipped fast and reliable with desirable quality. The company is very flexible to synthesize custom designed PEG reagents in reasonable price.

---From Craig V

"PEG-lipids...wide range of PEG product...helpful ..."

I have bought several your PEG-lipids from Japanese distributor recently. Since you have a wide range of PEG products, it is really helpful for me. Thank you for your support. 

---From Ryohei Togashi