Azide(N3) PEG

Multi-arm azide (N3) PEGs are specialized PEG molecules characterized by multiple arms extending from a central core, with each arm terminating in an azide functional group (N3). These molecules offer unique structural features compared to linear PEGs, providing increased opportunities for multivalent conjugation and complex bioconjugation strategies.

The presence of multiple azide groups enables efficient and simultaneous conjugation to multiple molecules or surfaces containing complementary functional groups, such as alkynes or strained cyclooctynes, through click chemistry reactions. This multivalent conjugation can enhance the stability, specificity, and efficacy of bioconjugates, making multi-arm azide PEGs valuable tools in various biomedical and biotechnological applications.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
A44006 4-ArmPEG-N3 4-ArmPEG-N3 ≥95%
A88006 8-ArmPEG-N3 8-ArmPEG-N3 ≥95%
A86001 8-ArmPEG-(1Arm-N3,7Arm-carboxylic acid) 8-ArmPEG-(1Arm-N3,7Arm-carboxylic acid) ≥95%