About Us

Biopharma PEG Scientific Inc.'s services include custom synthesis of PEG derivatives; and PEGylation services for proteins, peptides, and other molecules.

Custom PEG Synthesis

Biopharma PEG specializes in custom PEG synthesis services. Our skilled R&D team can design and synthesize PEG, monodisperse PEG, and PEG co-polymer products that are tailored to meet the specific demands of your project, from laboratory to commercial scale. Furthermore, we also provide customized synthesis of specialized reagents to cater to your unique requirements.

PEGylation Services

Biopharma PEG Scientific Inc. is a dedicated and experienced customer support group that can help you identify the right PEG derivatives for your PEGylation needs.

Biopharma PEG Scientific Inc.'s R&D chemists will perform your PEGylation service in a professional and efficient manner to provide your with high-quality PEGylated products in a short period of time.

Biopharma PEG Scientific Inc. currently provides two service models to meet our customer's different PEGylation needs:

  • ▶ PEGylation services as a regular customer end-product. Custom synthesis of PEGylated conjugates using our catalog PEGs or custom PEG products.
  • ▶ Complete PEGylation method development services. We can provide a PEGylated sample and the easily scalable and transferable PEGylation method development package.

Please contact us at (sales@biochempeg.com) for more details on our PEGylation & custom synthesis services.