Azide(N3) PEG

Monodispersed (discrete) azide PEG linkers are specialized PEG molecules with a uniform and well-defined molecular weight, characterized by the presence of azide functional groups at one end. These PEG azide linkers play a crucial role in bioconjugation and click chemistry applications. The azide functional group in the PEG linker enables specific and efficient coupling reactions with other molecules containing complementary functional groups, such as alkynes, through click chemistry. This controlled and predictable nature of monodispersed azide PEG linkers makes them valuable in the development of precision drug delivery systems, surface modifications of nanoparticles, and the creation of bioconjugates with enhanced stability and biocompatibility. Researchers utilize these linkers to design targeted and controlled-release systems for therapeutic and diagnostic applications, leveraging the versatility of click chemistry for efficient and selective conjugation reactions.

Biopharma PEG offers a wide range of monodispersed Azide PEG linkers from lab to commercial scale in both non-GMP and GMP grades. Email at and start using a superior product for your next product R&D project.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
MD006002 N3-PEG2-OH N3-PEG2-OH 131.13 ≥95%
MD006002 N3-PEG3-OH N3-PEG3-OH 175.186 ≥95%
MD006002 N3-PEG4-OH N3-PEG4-OH 219.238 ≥95%
MD006002 N3-PEG5-OH N3-PEG5-OH 263.291 ≥95%
MD006002 N3-PEG6-OH N3-PEG6-OH 307.343 ≥95%
MD006002 N3-PEG7-OH N3-PEG7-OH 351.4 ≥95%
MD006002 N3-PEG8-OH N3-PEG8-OH 395.45 ≥95%
MD006002 N3-PEG12-OH N3-PEG12-OH ≥95%
MD006002 N3-PEG24-OH N3-PEG24-OH 1099 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG1-NH2 N3-PEG1-NH2 130.15 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG2-NH2 N3-PEG2-NH2 174.2 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG3-NH2 N3-PEG3-NH2 218.25 ≥95%