Amine(NH2) PEG

Monodispersed (disceret) amine PEG linkers are specialized PEG molecules with a consistent and precisely defined molecular weight, featuring amine functional groups. These amine PEG linkers can react with acids, succinimidyl-active esters, or pentafluorophenyl esters for labeling, chemical modification, surface or particle modifications. 

Biopharma PEG offers a wide range of monodispersed Amine PEG linkers from lab to commercial scale in both non-GMP and GMP grades. Email at and start using a superior product for your next product R&D project.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
MD006005 N3-PEG1-NH2 N3-PEG1-NH2 130.15 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG2-NH2 N3-PEG2-NH2 174.2 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG3-NH2 N3-PEG3-NH2 218.25 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG4-NH2 N3-PEG4-NH2 262.31 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG5-NH2 N3-PEG5-NH2 306.36 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG6-NH2 N3-PEG6-NH2 350.41 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG7-NH2 N3-PEG7-NH2 394.46 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG8-NH2 N3-PEG8-NH2 438.51
MD006005 N3-PEG9-NH2 N3-PEG9-NH2 482.66 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG10-NH2 N3-PEG10-NH2 526.61 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG11-NH2 N3-PEG11-NH2 570.7 ≥95%
MD006005 N3-PEG12-NH2 N3-PEG12-NH2 614 ≥95%