Featured Monodispersed PEGs ★

Biopharma PEG offers kilogram scale manufacture of PEG derivatives in both GMP and non-GMP grades, including monodispersed PEGs, polydispersed PEGs and multi-arm PEGs, etc. 

The manufacturing facility at Biopharma PEG is equipped up to the latest technological standards, enabling us to offer multistep syntheses from g to kg scale, for non-GMP as well as for GMP campaigns. Meanwhile, we are equipped with a series of advanced analytical equipment such as NMR, MS, HPLC, etc. We have established a mature QA & QC system from raw materials to different derivatives in the process of practice.

Several examples of scaled-up monodispersed PEG derivatives with a large stock are listed below, and other products can be made-to-order. Please contact us at for more information.