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PEGs have earned their place in the biomedical field due to their water solubility, non-toxicity, and non-immunogenicity properties. To date, there are 17 PEGylated drugs approved by the FDA for treatment of a number of chronic diseases, with more approvals pending.

Biochempeg is a leading supplier of high-quality PEGylation reagents. These reagents are water soluble, monodisperse, biocompatible, and almost aggregation-free, making them ideal for bioconjugation or crosslinking of proteins, antibodies, peptides, oligonucleotides, or solid surfaces to other macromolecules, therapeutic compounds or other small molecules, and dyes. Below, you can find some of our featured PEGylated reagents.

PEGylated Reagents



CAS No.: 462100-06-7


CAS No.: 108466-89-3


CAS No.: 756525-95-8



CAS No.: 882847-34-9


CAS No.: 882847-32-7


CAS No.: 557756-85-1

Our Happy Clients

“Biochempeg products are always shipped fast and reliable with desirable quality. The company is very flexible to synthesize custom designed PEG reagents in reasonable price.”

Craig V

Marcos B

"Our experiments are going alright. We are very happy with your products.  We find that they are very consistent, which is very good. "

About Us

Biochempeg, founded in 2013,  is a biotechnology-oriented company in Watertown, Massachusetts. We are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high purity polyethylene glycol(PEG) derivatives and reagents, monodisperse PEG, ADC PEG linkers, Click Chemistry reagents,  PEGylation services and custom PEG derivative synthesis to clients worldwide. 

108 Water Street, Room 4D, Watertown, MA 02472, USA

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