Release date:2021/12/20 15:36:22

merry christmas

Thank you for trusting us with your PEG derivatives needs this year. We send you warm Christmas greetings and wishes for a wonderful New Year!

As a worldwide leading supplier of PEG linkers, we are committed to continuing to offer high purity PEG products and satisfactory assistance to our customers in chemical, biological and pharmaceutical research.  Our new products and technologies are frequently updated on our website:

PEG Derivatives We Provide

✔ Monodispersed PEGs: Monodisperse PEGs with an extensive variety of functional groups from R&D through GMP commercial scale.
​✔ Multi-arm PEGs: 2-Arm, 4-Arm, 8-Arm PEG derivatives with high purity and low polydispersity.
​✔ Lipid PEGs: PEG-lipid in bioconjugation and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) drug delivery, such as PEG DMG or PEG DSPE, etc.
​✔ ADC Linkers: PEG moiety as part of ADC linker technology to improve solubility and stability in vivo. 

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