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Click Chemistry is popular in modern chemistry, with high efficient and repeatable. It is easy to find the raw materials, especially after the series of chemicals accident in China in 2019. The reaction can be easily repeated in standard, reliable and stable. This brings the cost reduction in chemicals producing and new chemicals research. The outcome is also easy to purify.

Overview of the Most Common Click Chemistry Reactions

click chemistry reactions

The Application of Cu(Ⅰ) is said to be the spirit of click chemistry (CuAAC). Cu(Ⅰ) plays as the catalyzers in the reaction. But this would add the toxicity to the final outcome. So chemists look for a replacement.

click chemistry

SPAAC (Strain-promoted Azide - Alkyne Click Chemistry reaction) is the next choice to the chemists, which relies on the use of strained cyclooctynes that possess a remarkably decreased activation energy in contrast to terminal Alkynes and thus do not require an exogenous catalyst.

click chemistry spaac

Then the Diels-Alder reaction is to the high thermal molecular materials. The Tetrazine-trans-Cyclooctene Ligation constitutes a non-toxic biomolecule labeling method of unparalleled speed that is ideally suited for in vivo cell labeling and low concentration applications. A Tetrazine functionalized molecule A reacts with a trans-Cyclooctene (TCO)-functionalized molecule B thereby forming a stable conjugate A-B via a Dihydropyrazine moiety.

click chemistry tco

SH-PEG-R can bring the SH group reacting with the ethylenic bond in oleinic acid under UV-light. The covalent bond on the particles’ surface can link with PEG, so the hydrophobic particle can transfer to hydrophilic.

This application is important in the drug developing, as all drugs need to be solved in water, because all the drug would be taken into human body.

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