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Biopharma PEG provides high-quality activated multi-arm PEG derivatives which can be crosslinked into hydrogels, with high purity and low polydispersity. Multi-arm PEG derivatives are mostly employed in the formation of hydrogels, which can be widely used in the adhesion, hemostasis, anti-leakage, and anti-adhesion treatment of wounds in various surgical operations equipment materials of the human body.

Biopharma PEG offers milligram to kilogram scale manufacture of multi-arm PEG derivatives in both GMP and non-GMP grades for your needs. We can also make custom product for your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Multiarm PEGs for Hydrogels

MW. 2K, 10K, 20K

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MW. 2K, 10K, 20K

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MW. 10K, 20K, 40K

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MW. 10K, 20K, 40K

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PEG Raw Materials

Linear methoxy & multi-arm PEG raw materials ( PEG hydroxyl or PEG alcohol) are provided with high purity and low polydispersity in large batch sizes. These PEG raw materials are suitable for activation into PEG derivatives. 

mPEG-OH | MW 1K,2K,3K,3.4K,4K,5K,10K,20K   
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OH-PEG-OH  | MW 1K,1.2K,3K,5K,6K,10K   View More>>
4-ArmPEG-OH | MW 2K,5K,10K    View More>>
Tri-PEG-OH | MW. 1K,1.2K,2K,3.4K,4K,5K,6K,8K,10K,20K   View More>>

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