Release date:2023/3/16 16:58:39

Linker chemistry determines the stability of the drug conjugates (ADCs / PDCs) and the payload release rate. There are currently two main types of linker chemistry: cleavable and non-cleavable.

  • ▶ Cleavable linkers contain a trigger that can release the cytotoxic agent after internalization. Cleavable linkers may also help with destroying cancer cells adjacent to their targets through a process referred to as "bystander effect".
  • ▶ Non-cleavable linkers rely on the degradation of the antibody itself to release the drug-linker.

Biopharma PEG provides large-scale GMP manufacture of high-purity PEG linkers for your XDCs research and development. 

Non-Cleavable PEG Linkers

Name Cas No Structure
2-((Azido-PEG8-carbamoyl)methoxy)acetic acid 846549-37-9
mPEG36-NH2 32130-27-1
N3-PEG3-SPA 1245718-89-1
N3-PEG3-COOH 1056024-94-2
NH2-PEG4-OH 86770-74-3
OH-PEG9-OH 3386-18-3

Cleavable PEG Linkers

Name Structure
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