Release date:2019/7/1 10:49:04
Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) consist of a desirable monoclonal antibody, an active drug and an appropriate linker. An appropriate linker between the antibody and the drug maintain ADCs’ stability and provides a specific bridge, and thus helps the antibody to selectively deliver the drug to tumor cells and accurately releases the drug at tumor sites.
The selection of
ADC PEG linker is target dependent, based on the knowledge of the used active drugs including cytotoxin, the internalization and degradation of the antibody-target antigen complex, and a preclinical in vitroand in vivo activity comparison of conjugates.
Monodisperse poly(ethylene glycols) PEGs is one kind of most widely used linker in targeted therapy. With many features, such as high-usage rate,targeting, regulate PH value etc. With multitudinous choice of functional groups, PEG linkers can conjugates with different antibodies and drugs , then forming different linker, such as pH-sensitive Linker, Disulfide Linker, β-Glucuronide Linker... 
Amine-PEG-carboxy l work as small molecular linkers, content hydrophilic groups and can solute in most solvents, for this case Amine group also widely use in ADC design. More over, Amine group linked with matched antibody or drug can worked as pH-sensitive Linker.
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