Amine(NH2) PEG

Biochempeg offers Amine terminated PEGs with high purity, a class of PEG linker containing an amino group which can react with acids, succinimidyl-active esters, or pentafluorophenyl esters for labeling, chemical modification, surface or particle modifications.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
MF001005 mPEG-NH2 mPEG-NH2 ≥95%
MF001050 mPEG-NH2.HCl mPEG-NH2.HCl ≥95%
MF001065 mPEG-Anilin mPEG-Anilin ≥95%
MF001235 mPEG-PEHA mPEG-PEHA ≥95%
MF001255 mPEG-N+Me3 mPEG-N+Me3 ≥95%
HO005005 NH2-PEG-NH2 NH2-PEG-NH2 ≥95%
HO050050 NH2.HCl-PEG-NH2.HCl NH2.HCl-PEG-NH2.HCl ≥95%
HE002005 OH-PEG-NH2 OH-PEG-NH2 ≥95%
HE003005 SH-PEG-NH2 SH-PEG-NH2 ≥95%
HE004005 CHO-PEG-NH2 CHO-PEG-NH2 ≥95%
HE005014 NH2-PEG-GAA NH2-PEG-GAA ≥95%