Monodisperse PEGs

Monodisperse PEG products usually are organic compounds with a molecular weight of less than 1000. Biochempeg's Monodisperse PEGs do not have the polydispersity of general PEG polymers, and retain the good solubility of polyethylene glycol in water. It can also impart flexibility, anticoagulation, anti-macrophage phagocytosis, etc., to modified biomolecules. This provides PEGylated drugs with the same PEG that reduces polymerization and immunogenicity.

Monodispersed PEGs have been applied in many fields, including medical research, drug-release, nanotechnology, etc. And they have been become very beneficial in drug design and development, specifically in the antibody-drug conjugates and small molecule drugs

Why Monodispersed PEGs Can Help?
Improved pharmacokinetics: Enhanced solubility; improved stability.
 Increased circulation time: Decreased amount of drug required; decreased dosing frequency; reduced renal clearance increases circulation time.
• Decreased toxicity: Improved safety profile; reduced immunogenicity; reduced antigenicity; reduced proteolysis.

Biopharma PEG continuously expands its capability to provide large-scale manufacture of high purity monodisperse PEG derivatives with an extensive variety of functional groups, such as mPEG36-NH2, N3-PEG3-SPA, NH2-PEG3-OH, and NH2-PEG24-COOH etc.

Find more scaled-up monodisperse PEG derivatives.

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