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PEG-polyethylene glycol or PEO-polyethylene oxide, which consist of repeating ethylene oxide units to form a linear polymer PEG DerivativesPolymer PEG derivatives basically fall into two sorts: monodisperse PEG and polydisperse PEG. Monodispersed PEG refers to PEG with a precise molecular weight, Biochempeg monodisperse PEG products consist of linear chains of 2 to 72 –CH2CH2O– repeat units. Polydispersed PEG refers to PEG with its molecular weight distributed in a range, normally this range is plus or minus 10%.

According to the linear structure, Polymer PEG derivatives can be divided into the following structures:

1. Monofunctional PEG Derivatives(mPEG-X)
Monofunctional PEG Derivatives refer to monofunctional linear PEG derivative with an methoxyl (mPEG)at one end and one functional group at the other end of the PEG polymer.

2. Homobifunctional PEG Derivatives(X-PEG-X)
Homobifunctional PEG Derivatives with the same functional groups at both end of the PEG linear chain.

 3. Heterobifunctional PEG Derivatives(X-PEG-Y)

Heterobifunctional PEG Derivatives with two different functional groups at each terminal of the PEG chain.

4. Multi-arm PEG
Multi-arm PEG refers to PEG with more than two branches, includes 2-arm, 4-arm, 6-arm and 8-arm PEG
Heterobifunctional PEG Derivatives and Homobifunctional PEG Derivatives are especially suitable as cross-linking agents or spacers between two chemical entities,whereas
Monofunctional PEG Derivatives prevent bridging reactions which may otherwise affect the PEGylation of certain compounds with bifunctional PEGs. Multiarm PEG derivatives prepared by ethoxylation of different cores such as pentaerythritol, hexaglycerol, or tripentaerythritol, and incorporation of reactive moieties, are cross-linked easily into threedimensional hydrogel materials.
Custom synthesis PEGs provide a wide variety of PEG products for different reactions, used to modify active pharmaceutical ingredients, peptides, proteins, antibody components, oligonucleotides, and so forth.
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