Heterobifunctional PEGs

Heterobifunctional PEG refers to PEG derivatives containing different functional groups at both ends and is often used as a cross-linking agent or used as a bridge between two different chemical entities.
The PEG main chain part of Biochempeg's heterobifunctional PEG provides end groups with water solubility, biocompatibility and flexibility, and can be used in the development and application of antibody-drug conjugates (ADC's).
The following general structure of heterobifunctional PEG derivatives are available at Biopharna PEG. You can feel free to click the catalog number to see purity specifications and more information.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
HE350002 Bn2-C3-PEG-OH Bn2-C3-PEG-OH ≥95%
HE002342 HO-PEG-Propylamine-Boc HO-PEG-Propylamine-Boc ≥95%
HE108002 Trt-PEG-OH Trt-PEG-OH ≥95%
HE002171 Bn2-PEG-OH Bn2-PEG-OH ≥95%
HE020002 Silane-PEG-OH Silane-PEG-OH ≥95%
HE039002 LA-PEG-OH LA-PEG-OH ≥95%
HE009023 AC-PEG-SC AC-PEG-SC ≥95%
HE002121 OH-PEG-AA OH-PEG-AA ≥95%
HE041023 Biotin-PEG-NHS Biotin-PEG-NHS ≥95%
HE020006 Silane-PEG-N3 Silane-PEG-N3 ≥95%
HE022023 Mal-PEG-SC Mal-PEG-SC ≥95%
HE020041 Silane-PEG-Biotin Silane-PEG-Biotin ≥95%