Release date:2022/6/20 10:57:38

Biopharma PEG offers a wide range of high-quality PEG raw materials and PEG derivatives for laboratory and scientific use.

  • ▶ Over 5000+ monodispersed and polydispersed PEG derivatives are available;
  • ​ Multifunctional groups cover amino, azide, maleimides, thoil, phospholipids, fluorescein, etc;
  • ​ Quality reports (LC/MS, NMR, and HPLC) for each product
  • ​ From lab scale to large scale GMP production


CAS No. 9004-74-4
Research Area: PEG Raw Materials, Drug Delivery
mPEG-OH is one of the most common PEG raw materials for further derivatization to prepare other reactive functional groups on PEG. It has so far been used for various commercial PEGylated drugs, such as PEG-Interferon and PEG-GCSF.


Research Area: PEGylation, Drug Delivery
mPEG-AA is one type of linear monofunctional PEG acid reagent. There is a methylene (CH2) linkage between PEG and the COOH group. mPEG-AA is also called mPEG-CM, carboxyl methyl,  is critical PEG material for PEGylated drug and LNP drug delivery system. 


CAS No. 1849616-42-7
Research Area: LNP for mRNA Vaccine delivery
Also known as ALC-0159, it is a PEG/lipid conjugate (i.e. PEGylated lipid).  According to public information,  it is one of the excipients of Pfizer's COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.


Research Area: LNP for mRNA Vaccine delivery
DSPE-PEG-Mannose is a phospholipid for drug delivery systems, especially for mRNA vaccine delivery. It is an active target material, which can be used as an antitumor drug carrier and a liposome for targeted delivery. 


CAS NO. 160743-62-4
Research Area: LNP for mRNA Vaccine delivery
mPEG-DMG is a lipid excipient that has been used in combination with other lipids in the formation of lipid nanoparticles. It has been used in the development of lipid nanoparticles for the delivery of mRNA-based vaccines.
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