Methoxy PEG (mPEG)

Biopharma PEG supplies totally different multi-arm mPEG linkers, as well as 4-arm peg or 8-arm PEG with MW 2k, MW 5k, MW 10k, MW 20k and MW 40k, in 1g, 5g or greater packing sizes. The whole relative molecular mass of the multi-arm PEGylation product is the total molecular weight of all arms.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
A46014 4-ArmPEG-(3m-1SH) 4-ArmPEG-(3m-1SH) ≥95%
A46016 4-ArmPEG-(3OMe-1DBCO) 4-ArmPEG-(3OMe-1DBCO) ≥95%
A88001 8-ArmPEG-m 8-ArmPEG-m ≥95%
A86006 8-ArmPEG-(7Arm-OCH3,1ARrm-SH) 8-ArmPEG-(7Arm-OCH3,1ARrm-SH) ≥95%