Silane PEG

Biochempeg provides silane PEGs (Polyethylene glycol chains), PEG-Si, which can be used to modify glass, silica, silicone, and other surfaces via the reaction between hydroxyl group and triethoxyl silane. 

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
MF001020 mPEG-Silane mPEG-Silane ≥95%
MF001238 mPEG-Trimethoxysilane mPEG-Trimethoxysilane ≥95%
HE003020 SH-PEG-Silane SH-PEG-Silane ≥95%
HE005221 Monoethoxylsilane-PEG-NH2 Monoethoxylsilane-PEG-NH2 ≥95%
HE009020 AC-PEG-Silane AC-PEG-Silane ≥95%
HE017221 Monoethoxylsilane-PEG-COOH Monoethoxylsilane-PEG-COOH ≥95%
HE020002 Silane-PEG-OH Silane-PEG-OH ≥95%
HE020005 Silane-PEG-NH2 Silane-PEG-NH2 ≥95%
HE020006 Silane-PEG-N3 Silane-PEG-N3 ≥95%
HE020017 Silane-PEG-COOH Silane-PEG-COOH ≥95%
HE020022 Silane-PEG-Mal Silane-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE020023 Silane-PEG-SC Silane-PEG-SC ≥95%