Fluorescent PEGs

Numerous studies on nanocarriers use absorption indicator labeling to analyze their biodistribution or cellular trafficking. However, once the light dye isn't grafted to the nanocarrier, the question of the steadiness of the labeling arises. 

PEGylated fluorescent probes offer superior properties compared to conventional fluorescent molecules due to improved hydrophilicity. These fluorescent probes (Cy3, Cy5, Cy7, BDP, Rhodamine, Pyrene,…) have light emission ranging from UV to near-infrared region. As a PEG derivative with fluorescent molecules, Biochempeg's Fluorescent PEG has been widely used in medical fields such as cell labeling, tissue imaging, and tumor recognition due to its higher hydrophilicity than general materials.

- PEG Improved water solubility
- Superior brightness, no self-quenching and high photo stability.

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