Homobifunctional PEGs

Homobifunctional PEG refers to polyethylene glycol containing two identical functional groups at both ends. Homobifunctional PEG involves various molecular weights and various functional groups, such as azides, amines, maleimides, thiols and active esters, etc. , with molecular weight ranges from 200-40000.
Homobifunctional PEG provided by Biopharma PEG can be widely used in many synthetic processes, such as as a cross-linking agent for proteins, peptides and other biomolecules, and as a surface-functionalized nanomaterial. In the development of antibody-drug conjugates, the PEG chain in homobifunctional PEG can significantly improve the biocompatibility, water solubility and biological activity of the end groups.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity