Multi-arm PEGs

Multi-Arm PEG product is a unit smart cross-linker and is wide studied in medical field and bioorganic material fields, like the preparation of gel, drug development, 3D cell culture. Biochempeg supply totally different multi-arm PEG linkers, as well as 2-arm peg, 4-arm peg or 8-arm PEG with MW 2k, MW 5k, MW 10k, MW 20k and MW 40k, in 1g, 5g or greater packing sizes. The whole relative molecular mass of multi-arm PEGylation product is that the total of the molecular weights of all arms.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
A22005 2-ArmPEG-NH2 2-ArmPEG-NH2 ≥95%
A22017 2-ArmPEG-COOH 2-ArmPEG-COOH ≥95%
A22022 2-ArmPEG-Mal 2-ArmPEG-Mal ≥95%
A22023 2-ArmPEG-SC 2-ArmPEG-SC ≥95%
A22041 2-ArmPEG-Biotin 2-ArmPEG-Biotin ≥95%
A36001 3-ArmPEG-(1Silane-2Biotin) 3-ArmPEG-(1Silane-2Biotin) ≥95%
A44003 4-ArmPEG-SH 4-ArmPEG-SH ≥95%
A44004 4-ArmPEG-CHO 4-ArmPEG-CHO ≥95%
A44005 4-ArmPEG-NH2 4-ArmPEG-NH2 ≥95%
A44006 4-ArmPEG-N3 4-ArmPEG-N3 ≥95%
A44007 4-ArmPEG-AlKyne 4-ArmPEG-AlKyne ≥95%
A44009 4-ArmPEG-AC 4-ArmPEG-AC ≥95%