NHS ester PEG

N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester-activated PEG linker is an amine-reactive reagent that can be used to modify proteins, peptides, or any other surface with available amino groups. The NHS ester reacts effectively with the primary amino group (-NH2) in a neutral or weakly alkaline buffer to form a stable amide bond. Because antibodies and other proteins often contain multiple lysine (K) residues in addition to the N-terminus of each polypeptide, they have multiple primary amines that can be targeted with NHS-activated PEG reagents.

Biopharma PEG offers the following PEG NHS ester. Different kinds of PEG NHS ester products may be available by custom synthesis.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
MF001023 mPEG-SC mPEG-SC ≥95%
MF001024 mPEG-SCM mPEG-SCM ≥95%
MF001025 mPEG-SPA mPEG-SPA ≥95%
MF001026 mPEG-SBA mPEG-SBA ≥95%
MF001027 mPEG-SG mPEG-SG ≥95%
MF001028 mPEG-SS mPEG-SS ≥95%
MF001029 mPEG-GAS mPEG-GAS ≥95%
MF001030 mPEG-SAS mPEG-SAS ≥95%
MF001058 mPEG-SVA mPEG-SVA ≥95%
MF001032 mPEG-SS-NHS mPEG-SS-NHS ≥95%