Lipid PEGs

​Polyethylene glycol (PEG)-lipid conjugates are PEG derivatives containing lipid molecules such as DMG or DSPE, which have been used in bioconjugation, and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) drug delivery to improve circulation times for liposome-encapsulated drugs. The lipid molecule has the characteristics of low toxicity and easy preparation, and it can not only be used as a carrier for water-soluble drugs, but also as a carrier for fat-soluble drugs. Therefore, PEG lipids can be used to improve drug stability, multiple routes of administration, and achieve targeted drug delivery.

Biopharma PEG's Lipid PEG can be used in lipid nanoparticle delivery, bioconjugation, etc. It is a product with a wide range of applications. PEG lipids are used as an excipient in both the Moderna/Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.  Biopharma PEG now offers an extensive group of PEG-lipid conjugates incorporating various functionalized PEG terminals, like Amine, Carboxylic acid, Azide, Aldehyde, Thiol, and Hydroxy.

Besides PEG lipids, we can also provide helper lipids, such as cholesterol, totally derived from plants, and DSPE for your LNP formulation development. 

​Gill KK, Kaddoumi A, Nazzal S. PEG-lipid micelles as drug carriers: physiochemical attributes, formulation principles and biological implication. J Drug Target. 2015 Apr;23(3):222-31. doi: 10.3109/1061186X.2014.997735. Epub 2014 Dec 30. PMID: 25547369.

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