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4-ArmPEG-Aldehyde, also known as 4-Arm PEG-CHO, is a multi-arm PEG derivative featuring aldehyde functional groups at the ends of its arms. The aldehyde groups provide reactive sites for conjugation with amino groups (-NH2) of biomolecules through Schiff base formation or reductive amination reactions. This allows for the attachment of proteins, peptides, or other molecules to the PEG chains, enabling the design of functionalized biomaterials or drug delivery systems.

4-ArmPEG-Aldehyde offers advantages in the design of hydrogels, polymer coatings, or nanoparticles, providing control over the spatial distribution of biomolecules and the properties of the resulting materials. Its multi-arm structure allows for the formation of crosslinked networks with tunable mechanical properties and stability, making it a valuable tool in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

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