CatalogID: 11188 Purity: ≥95%

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  • Recommended Storage Condition:
    Store at -5°C,keep in dry and avoid sunlight.
  • Uses:
    Applicated in medical research, drug-release, nanotechnology and new materials research, cell culture. In the study of ligand, polypeptide synthesis support, a graft polymer compounds, new materials, and polyethylene glycol-modified functional coatings and other aspects of the active compound.

DSPE is a saturated 18 carbon phospholipid,which is commonly used in the synthesis of liposomes. Phospholipid polyethylene glycol RGD (DSPE-PEG-RGD) can be used for passive targeting,active targeting and drug delivery of micelles and vesicles. Polyethylene glycol (PEG)-coupled DSPE is hydrophilic and can be used for drug delivery,gene transfection and biomolecular modification.PEGylation of phospholipid significantly improved the blood circulation time and stability of capsule drugs.

A dual‑targeting liposome conjugated with transferrin and arginine‑glycine‑aspartic acid peptide for glioma‑targeting therapy,  https://www.spandidos-publications.com/ol/8/5/2000