CatalogID: 11822 Purity: ≥95% CAS NO.: 1800414-71-4

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  • Recommended Storage Condition:
    Store at -5°C,keep in dry and avoid sunlight.
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Azido-PEG11-amine (CAS No. 1800414-71-4) is a monodispersed PEG derivative containing an amino group with an azide group.  The azide group can react with alkyne, BCN, DBCO via Click Chemistry to yield a stable triazole linkage.  The amino group is reactive with carboxylic acids, activated NHS esters, carbonyls (ketone, aldehyde) etc.

Azido-PEG11-amine can function either as a heterobifunctional click chemistry crosslinker or as a homobifunctional carbonyl-reactive crosslinker. 

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