CatalogID: 10574 Purity: ≥95% CAS NO.: 1312309-63-9

  • CAS No.:
  • Synonyms:
    3-[2-(2-Azidoethoxy)ethoxy]propanoic acid
    Azido-PEG2-propionic acid
    9-Azido-4,7-dioxanonanoic acid
  • Purity:
  • MF:
  • MW:
  • Recommended Storage Condition:
    Store at -5°C,keep in dry and avoid sunlight.
  • Uses:
    Applicated in medical research, drug-release, nanotechnology and new materials research, cell culture. In the study of ligand, polypeptide synthesis support, a graft polymer compounds, new materials, and polyethylene glycol-modified functional coatings and other aspects of the active compound.
Monodisperse Azido-PEG2-acid (N3-PEG2-COOH) is a PEG linker containing an azide (N3) group with a terminal carboxylic acid (COOH). The hydrophilic PEG spacer increases solubility in aqueous media. The azide group can react with alkyne, BCN, DBCO via Click Chemistry to yield a stable triazole linkage. The terminal carboxylic acid can react with primary amine groups in the presence of activators (e.g. EDC, or HATU) to form a stable amide bond.