CatalogID: 10731 Purity: ≥95% CAS NO.: 581065-95-4

  • CAS No.:
  • Synonyms:
    tert-Butyl 15-amino-4,7,10,13-tetraoxapentadecanoate
  • Purity:
  • MF:
  • MW:
  • Recommended Storage Condition:
    Store at -5°C,keep in dry and avoid sunlight.
  • Uses:

Monodisperse Amino-PEG4-t-butyl ester (NH2-PEG4-CH2CH2COOtBu) is a heterobifunctional PEG reagent containing an amino (NH2) and a t-butyl protected carboxyl group. The hydrophilic PEG spacer increases solubility in aqueous media. The amino group is reactive with carboxylic acids, activated NHS esters, carbonyls (ketone, aldehyde) etc. The t-butyl protected carboxyl (Boc) can be deprotected under acidic conditions.

Amino-PEG4-t-butyl ester has various uses, it can be used for bioconjugation or as a building block for the synthesis of small molecules, conjugates of small molecules and/or biomolecules, or other tool compounds for chemical biology and medicinal chemistry that require ligation, such as 1) act as a linker-cytotoxin conjugate for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs); 2) act as a linker for peptide-drug conjugate formation; 3) synthetic incorporation into proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PROTAC® molecules) for targeted protein degradation

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