Methoxy PEG (mPEG)

Methoxy-PEG or mPEG is a PEG chain with a methyl functional group. Therefore, mPEG and mPEG derivatives can be used to modify compounds that should avoid cross-linking.

Biochempeg provides monofunctional or heterobifunctional mPEG derivatives with various functional groups, such as Amine (NH2), Thiol (SH), Azide (N3), NHS ester, Maleimide (Mal), Carboxylic Acid (COOH), AlKyne, Silane, Biotin, DBCO, DSPE, etc.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
MF001005 mPEG-NH2 mPEG-NH2 ≥95%
MF001003 mPEG-SH mPEG-SH ≥95%
MF001006 mPEG-N3 mPEG-N3 ≥95%
MF001004 mPEG-CHO mPEG-CHO ≥95%
MF001205 mPEG-NH-CHO mPEG-NH-CHO ≥95%
MF001007 mPEG-AlKyne mPEG-AlKyne ≥95%
MF001008 mPEG-Alkene mPEG-Alkene ≥95%
MF001009 mPEG-AC mPEG-AC ≥95%
MF001191 mPEG-hydroxy-acrylate mPEG-hydroxy-acrylate ≥95%
MF001010 mPEG-ACA mPEG-ACA ≥95%
MF001011 mPEG-MA mPEG-MA ≥95%
MF001012 mPEG-GA mPEG-GA ≥95%