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4-ArmPEG-Norbornene (4-ArmPEG-NB) is a tetra-functional PEG derivative featuring four arms, each terminated with a norbornene group. Norbornene is a strained cyclic alkene that serves as a versatile reactive handle in bioconjugation and polymerization reactions.

4-Arm PEG-NB is widely used in the synthesis of hydrogels, polymer networks, and other biomaterials due to its ability to undergo crosslinking reactions. The norbornene groups enable the formation of stable hydrogels through thiol-ene or photo-click reactions, allowing for precise control over the mechanical properties and biocompatibility of the resulting materials.

This compound finds applications in tissue engineering, drug delivery, and regenerative medicine, where hydrogels with tailored properties are essential for mimicking the native extracellular matrix and promoting cell adhesion, proliferation, and tissue regeneration. 

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