Maleimide(Mal) PEG

Biochempeg offers Maleimide PEG (PEG-Mal), which is a sulfhydryl (thiol/SH) group reactive PEG derivative used to selectively modify protein, peptide or any other surfaces with available sulfhydryl groups. The reaction between maleimide and thiol proceeds readily at pH 6.5~7.5 to form stable thioether bonds.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity
MF001022 mPEG-Mal mPEG-Mal ≥95%
HO022022 Mal-PEG-Mal Mal-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE004022 CHO-PEG-Mal CHO-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE006022 N3-PEG-Mal N3-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE007022 AlKyne-PEG-Mal AlKyne-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE009022 AC-PEG-Mal AC-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE010022 ACA-PEG-NH-Mal ACA-PEG-NH-Mal ≥95%
HE011022 MA-PEG-Mal MA-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE018022 IA-PEG-Mal IA-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE020022 Silane-PEG-Mal Silane-PEG-Mal ≥95%
HE022002 Mal-PEG-OH Mal-PEG-OH ≥95%
HE022005 Mal-PEG-NH2 Mal-PEG-NH2 ≥95%